Office Fruit

Seasonal, affordable and healthy fruit basksets delivered direct to your workplace have delivery service to most post codes throughout Glasgow, Lanarkshire and surrounding areas. Many regular clients that have delivery once a week, twice and even daily.

fruit basket for offices

To keep things simple, we only have two main fruit options – Classic and Deluxe. From a minimum order value of £20 we suggest providing each employee with two to four pieces of fruit per week.

Your order, however, can be easily customised or otherwise changed at any time to suit your preferences and budget – just contact us on 01698 748 999.

Classic Basket – includes a selection of bananas, apples, pears, satsumas/clementines and plums and contains fifty pieces of fresh fruit. The fruit selection will remain constant throughout the year. Pricing for the Classic Basket is as follows:  1 basket – £20/ 2 baskets – £37.50

Deluxe Basket – includes all fruit found in our Classic Basket plus some seasonal fruits such as strawberries, grapes, peaches, figs, dates and contains fifty pieces of fresh fruit. The seasonal selection will change depending on availability. Pricing for Deluxe Basket is as follows:  

1 basket – £24/ 2 baskets – £45